Faith Community Church Mission Statement:

We are a community devoted to Jesus, connecting with the unengaged, and encouraging everyone to follow Jesus.

Our mission statement captures both our identity and the task to which we are committed. We are a people who worship Jesus. We are a people who talk to others about Jesus.  We are a people who teach others how to do what we do.

Of priority to us is our covenant with Jesus.  We know and experience him. From this covenant flows mission. The mission is “go.” The people who “go” are the people who “know.”  As we know him so we go.

What are we not about? Our mission is not to “connect with the engaged.” What would be the point of that? Even Jesus did not come for the righteous. What does it say about us if all our programs, goods and services are tailored for people like ourselves?

We are deliberately cultivating a discipleship that facilitates our mission statement. This can be hard and challenging but a true discipleship culture is worth the battle.