Faith Community Church Values

Our values give direction to our conduct.

Community – As a people who follow Jesus, we are very serious about giving expression to the covenant we have with one another. We spend time with one another, we eat together, we worship together, we do life together (Acts 2:42).

Expository Preaching – From the time of our founding in 1978, this has been a priority for us. We believe that the Scriptural text has something to say. To this point, the preacher and the people yield. Expository preaching then is a style of preaching in which the preacher allows the Scripture to determine the points of emphasis.

Generosity – Resources are meant to be shared for the common good. Our goal is to invest in the kingdom with time, energy, and financial resources. The accumulation of earthly security is not a goal we have.

Missional Living – We are designed to live for something outside ourselves. Mike Breen writes that we “long to be part of a family with a mission greater than its own survival.”  It is not enough to just get through life. We must intentionally bring the kingdom of God to our spheres of influence.

The Holy Spirit – We value a faith-fueled reckless living as well as sensitive living. The third person of the godhead is behind both. As we pursue his wishes we transcend human reason in the implementation of his directives.