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Playing Ball

One the more pleasant surprises I’ve encountered in Williamson County is the Franklin Baseball Club (FBC). This is a non-profit vehicle dedicated to facilitating good baseball for the youth of the city. Almost three years ago I put my youngest son William into the 5-6 age group, took a deep breath, and signed up to […]

Experiencing True Kingdom Power

The message today is part of a shorter sermon series on “Practicing Faith in Williamson County.” Part of living in this present age (Titus 2:11-12) is taking time to know the present age.  We noted last week that the postmodern age is upon the West and in this larger context we presently live.  Additionally, we […]

Following Jesus Into This Present Age

We begin today on a shorter sermon series on “Practicing Faith in Williamson County.”  The point here is to be intentional and knowledgeable about how we work out our faith in this present context.  That may take some cultural and sociological work.  That is, in order to love the people you live with, you need […]

Practicing Christian Liberty in the House of God

We do not all see things the same way.  Some practice certain practices which others believe to be inappropriate or wrong.  So how do we get along when we’re all living under the same faith roof, so to speak? Paul gives some excellent guidance in Romans 14.  There are three sections:  how God views your […]

Conquerors: Celebrating the FCC Story

We serve a speaking God. Jesus speaks to his church and reveals his will. Apart from this specific revelation of Christ, we would surely be lost. A local church in submission to Christ can surely expect to hear from him if she so desires. We did. We heard. The specificity with which we heard is […]


There is a European horse trainer that I really enjoy. His name is Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling. He is able to calm and train horses using body language and what he calls “authentic communication.” I grew up around horses and it is fascinating to see him work. In my life experience, I’ve never seen anyone do […]

Doing Good Work

Ephesians 6:5-8 Pauls tells us “Bondservants, obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling…” Say what?  Immediately questions come to our mind.  Should we not focus on doing away with slavery?  What if I’m asked to do something immoral?  What if the boss is a ‘jerk’?  What about human rights? At the core of these […]

Speaking the Gospel

Peter writes to a group of believers who are dealing with persecution.  He is very concerned that they have a clear path to responding rightly to their persecutors.  He details the way Jesus entrusted himself to the Father in the midst of persecution (1 Peter 2:23).  So believers, when persecuted are to render their trust […]

Discipling our Children

This message is designed to do two things:  1) call our parents to attention and 2) give vision and direction to continued parenting. I’ve enjoyed many conversations with friends in Williamson County.  Being a pastor I naturally take a pastoral interest in the parenting philosophies of our culture.  Parents are deeply concerned for their children. […]