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Speaking the Gospel

Peter writes to a group of believers who are dealing with persecution.  He is very concerned that they have a clear path to responding rightly to their persecutors.  He details the way Jesus entrusted himself to the Father in the midst of persecution (1 Peter 2:23).  So believers, when persecuted are to render their trust […]

Discipling our Children

This message is designed to do two things:  1) call our parents to attention and 2) give vision and direction to continued parenting. I’ve enjoyed many conversations with friends in Williamson County.  Being a pastor I naturally take a pastoral interest in the parenting philosophies of our culture.  Parents are deeply concerned for their children. […]

Discipleship at FCC

In working through our Corporate Covenant, we come to that portion focused on discipleship.  What I would like to do is share some personal history, develop some definitions, and point the way forward for us as a people of God. As to personal history, here we go.  From the time I was born, I have […]

Healing the Heart

Jesus loves the church. There is no question but that Jesus loves the church, he died for her. So what does it look like when Jesus visits the church? The pic above was done by Warner Sallman, admittedly the art is a little dated. Many of us grew up with pictures of Jesus that characterized […]

Kept in Perfect Peace

You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you. Isaiah 7-8 records an amazing word which YWH gives to Isaiah and the faithful.  Two nations were preparing for war against Judah.  They were coming.  Fear was in the air, doubt, and distress were rampant.  This coming catastrophe highlighted the sources of salvation, […]

2016 Election

At least once a year our family travels from Nashville, TN to Mansfield, OH. We take I-65 to Louisville and then pick up I-71 which we take the rest of the way to Mansfield. When we get to Cincinnati I-71 joins I-75 south of the city (in KY) and then north of the city (in […]

To the Church at Sardis

The fifth church Jesus addresses, of the seven, is Sardis.  This one is different.  Jesus’ tone is different.  It is different because Jesus doesn’t commend them for anything, as in, anything. Their problem is two-fold.  One, they have a reputation on which they rely.  Rather than focusing on actual health, they look to others’ opinions […]

To the Church at Thyatira

Thyatira was a city that buffered two larger regions.  It was an outpost city, a military garrison of whatever region was prominent.  It was also home to numerous guilds and trade groups.  More importantly though, it was the place where Christians gathered to follow God. Our Lord introduces himself as the judge and the implementer […]

To the Church at Pergamum

The city of Pergamum was the most distinguished city of Asia.  So said Pliny the Younger, an ancient historian.  The city was wealthy and very focused in their allegiance to the Roman Emperor. To this church, Jesus introduces himself as the one who has the two-edged sword.  This is an offensive weapon designed for more […]