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Walk by the Spirit

How can a believer overcome the lusts of the flesh?  The answer is that he must walk by the Spirit.  The believer, by faith, relies upon the Holy Spirit to be the means by which he overcomes. The lusts of the flesh are at war with the Spirit.  The Christian life is a life of […]

Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit?  To be filled with the Holy Spirit is to be under his control.  When someone is under the influence of alcohol he/she loses control of the motor skills and subsequently does things he later regrets.  Such a person is under the control of alcohol.  […]

The Holy Spirit- His Work to Us

The Holy Spirit works!  He doesn’t merely reside, he works.  We want to press into what he does specifically, in the life of a believer. You may not remember when you were a little child.  However, others do.  Others changed you, fed you, clothed you, and provided shelter and you didn’t even know it.  Similarly, […]

The Holy Spirit Introduced

Why consider the Holy Spirit?  First, the times require it more than ever.  A supernatural response to evil is illogical and but also irrefutable.  Second, the Spirit applies the redemption of Christ.  Knowing more about his work helps us cooperate better with him.  Lastly, the ministry of the Holy Spirit is by nature that of […]

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Confusion, bewilderment, unbelief, and all manner of speculation fade away in the light of Jesus’ presence. We track the story God has left for us in John 20 and watch God move things along. Here Mary tries to make sense of the odd facts presented to her: the stone rolled away, no body, and linens […]

Living and Speaking with Conviction

We will do a very simple exposition of those basic passages which speak to our mission.  Our mission is to take the gospel out to the ends of the world.  We are witnesses with a divine mandate.  We tell our story to others.  Just as we were in darkness so now we are in light.  […]

Loving Words to a Servant of God

The call of Jeremiah is a loving one.  God tells Jeremiah he knew him before he was conceived.  He consecrated him before he was born.  It was God’s plan to appoint Jeremiah as a prophet.  God’s love and plans for Jeremiah existed before Jeremiah did. Jeremiah, however, did not receive God’s call.  He referenced youth […]

Living Simply

The early church lived simply.  They celebrated the apostle’s doctrine, enjoyed fellowship, ate together, and prayed together.  The apostle’s doctrine can be drawn in simplified form from Peter’s sermon in the earlier part of the chapter.  It consists in four points:  the Spirit is poured out now; God raised Jesus from the dead, Jesus now […]

The Log College

When I was undergoing my ministerial training a professor spoke favorably of a book written by Archibald Alexander, entitled “The Log College.”  He noted that the book was out of print, the last printing being put out by Banner of Truth 1968.  The book seemed to me, then, unattainable.  Solid Ground Christian Books did come […]


Do you have some New Year’s resolutions?  Chances are you have certainly thought about setting some resolutions for the New Year.   New calendar years afford opportunities for change and adjustment.  If we want to make serious systemic changes then now is as good a time as any to do that.  What I would like to […]