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Living Simply

The early church lived simply.  They celebrated the apostle’s doctrine, enjoyed fellowship, ate together, and prayed together.  The apostle’s doctrine can be drawn in simplified form from Peter’s sermon in the earlier part of the chapter.  It consists in four points:  the Spirit is poured out now; God raised Jesus from the dead, Jesus now rules over all, and everyone should repent of their sins and receive forgiveness.  The confession of Jesus’ lordship carries the core of that doctrine.

Believing these things produces different living.  Jesus is all that matters!  He matters so much that one’s own possessions do not.  The early church shared their belongings as was needed.  They had things in common because they cared about one another.  They were in each other’s homes, daily sharing their meals together.  Whenever they got together they prayed.  That is it.

For us, we need not immediately rush to explaining why such a lifestyle doesn’t fit today.  What we do is meditate on the values they embraced and the community they enjoyed.  Perhaps we do need to make some changes.  May we all study our own lives and weed out those things that block joy, fellowship, and behavioral affirmation of Jesus’ Lordship.

Passage:  Acts 2:42-47

Preached:  March 10, 2012

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Reclaiming Authority at Home

Faith Community Church Franklin TN Sermon PodcastWe are facing some disturbing signs in the church today. Many of our young people are leaving the faith. Some who stay have a diluted view of sound doctrine and display anemic faith. What is going on?

God set a paradigm in Deut. 6. He explained very clearly how parents are to pass on the faith to their children. They are to diligently teach their children the story of redemption. Judges 2 records the sad story of Israel deviating from this model. Could it be that we are facing a similar scenario today? The answer is yes.

In short, it is the father’s responsibility to teach his children about the Lord. We see this clearly in Eph. 6:4. The church supplements, the Christian school or co-op might help, but the responsibility to teach children about the Lord falls squarely on the father’s shoulders.

We will then discuss some practical ways in which men can teach their children the faith. First, do family worship. This takes many forms but essentially the father takes his bible, opens it, and teaches its sacred precepts to his wife and children. Second, disciple your children. This is done indirectly through family life and church life being modeled but the father needs to personally teach his children about the Lord one-on-one. While we rejoice that others disciple our young people we cannot outsource the primary responsibility we have. Third, we talk to our children all the time about the faith. From sports to politics to current events to school, everything is discussed with our children. What we are introducing to them is the truth that God has something to say about everything! We teach them a Christian world view through our off hand conversation as we go about life.

We will also address some critical aspects about the father’s faith. First, he must believe his faith personally. If he is nonchalant or indifferent about faith in God then any method will fail. The secret lies not in a method but in God who is there through faith. Second, visible, authentic actual leadership is the paradigm God has given to the father. It is the template prepared for us. As we walk in his ways by faith the corridors of fatherhood will unfold before us. Being the priest to our family is the perfect fit. We are uniquely designed for it so let us press into it with joy and strength. May God receive glory as we sanctify him in the home.

Sermon Tagline:

Men must lead by sanctifying God in the home.

Sermon Text: Deut. 6:4-9, 20-25, Judges 2:6-10

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