We come together throughout the week in what we call “Missional Communities (MC).” The name reflects very specifically what we are trying to do. A MC consists of a smaller group of believers who practice discipleship together. This discipleship takes expression in the pursuit of “UP, IN, OUT.” We worship together, do community together, and do mission together.

In this paradigm we are trying to recapture the church of Acts 2. Historically the American church has struggled in this because we got the “UP and IN” part down but the “OUT” piece is easily neglected. For this reason, we no longer call these gatherings Home Groups.

We believe within the context of the MC believers can more easily grasp the organic nature of discipleship. It’s simple, memorable, and easily repeatable. The balanced life of “UP, IN, and OUT” more accurately reflects Jesus’ habits.

We have Missional communities and other groups that meet in Franklin, Nashville and Spring Hill.

Groups by city:

Spring Hill, TN: Adelgren

Franklin, TN: Yoder

Nashville, TN:Thiessen

Groups by leader:

Damon Adelgren

Chris Thiessen

David Yoder

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