Where and When?

The Thiessens’ Potluck Friday meets on Fridays in Nashville at 421 E Thompson Lane, Apt. 18. The doors are open at 5 PM and dinner will begin at 6 PM with a very loose end time of 9:30 PM.


Potluck Friday is a fellowship centered around eating together, enjoying life with each other, laughter, and prayer. Everyone brings something to share! We will communicate weekly to coordinate the meals via our Facebook page (http://bit.ly/2fOjs14).


Our gathering historically has consisted of young adults from teens to mid-20s, but is absolutely open to ALL from babies up!


We seek to make Christ-centered fellowship a regularity outside of Sunday mornings. We believe Acts 2:42 synopsizes how the church lives together: “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” While we leave the teaching aspect to our Sunday gathering and other vehicles, we seek to fulfill the other three aspects together, developing loving friendships and growing together.

Contact Chris at 615-719-3103 or Annaleigh at 615-934-5941 if you have questions.