David & Natanya Yoder

David & Natanya Yoder


The Yoder Missional Community meets every Wed., 6:00PM-7:30PM. Meetings are at 109 Patrick Ave in Franklin. Please email david@fccfranklin.com with any questions.


Gatherings begin with a meal. Everyone brings enough for their family, plus one.  After eating, we gather for worship, thanksgiving, Scripture and prayer. Once a month we break from this routine and engage in a missional activity. Within these patterns our desire is to pursue Jesus together.


Families, singles, and children of all ages are welcome to participate with us as we give definition to our faith. We intentionally create predictable patterns that can be imitated by everyone.  We value accessibility. We want it to be easy to walk with us.


People are looking for family. People are looking for significance. And, we believe that Jesus is what all of us are after. As we walk together, our sense of community is strengthened. Our faith increases. Adding regularity shapes character and firms conviction. Come join us, we would love to have you.