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Loving One Another

This message will be community, loving one another, and trust.
Jesus prayed in his high priestly prayer that we would be one.  This oneness necessitates a pure unity with a clean boundary of truth.  Believers have their unity in their common Lord.  They also share a common set of values, that of a believing community.  These values are in contrast to the world’s values.  Purity, truth, and godliness permeate the community of saints.  Believers also share a common source of authority, the Bible.  These unifying factors serve to unite believers.
This unity can only be maintained, though, within the confines of truth.  Time after time false doctrine can tear a community apart because there is confusion on what truth is.  The unity must be centered on Christ.
Ok, so how does unity in truth flesh itself out in community?  There are several facilitators of community as well as hindrances.  Here are a few of each.  Those qualities that facilitate community are:  humility, honesty, and fellowship.  Humility say, “Your concerns are of more importance than mine.”  This is the mind of our Lord (Phil. 2).  Honesty says, “I’m secure in Christ so I can disclose myself to you.”  Fellowship says, “I want to spend time with you because I love you in the Lord.”
Likewise, there are hindrances to community:  pride, hypocrisy, and selfishness.  Pride says, “I’m more important than you.”  Hypocrisy says, “I care more about image than I do truth.”  Selfishness says, “My time, my schedule, don’t bother me.”
Jesus said, “By this will all people know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  So, let’s love one another!
This message was preached from John 17:20-26.  Want to listen, see the online sermon archive.

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