1 Timothy Introduced

In the introductory message of 1 Timothy we treat the first two verses.  Christ sent Paul as an apostle.  Paul’s commission was not of human but divine origin.  This word to us is from Christ himself not Paul.  This brings us comfort because Christ cares for us enough to give us specific instruction just as he did Timothy.

In 1 Timothy there are two words from Christ.  The first is a warning against false teaching.  Jesus bought the church with his blood and he values her greatly.  Any teaching that would steal his sheep is met with his stern gaze and severe punishment.  The end result of false teaching is the loss of faith and that is why our Lord addresses it so sharply.  We needn’t view warnings as inappropriate or petty when we see that Christ’s love for us undergirds his warnings.

The second of Christ’s words has to do with order in God’s house.  God’s house is just that, the house which is built by God.  He cares greatly how this house conducts itself.  Disorder in his house is evidenced by disorderly worship and ambiguity regarding gender.

As creator, God has placed specific designs in place.  When things function according to his design it brings glory to him since order and balance proceed from him.  This is why he cares about order.  Order isn’t a necessary evil but a necessary ingredient to his glory.

Yielding to gender roles in the church is liberating, not stifling.  The lie of the age is that we define our own roles according to our own desires.  Yielding to God’s order results in our maximum happiness.  When the church is ordered according to God’s design it reflects well upon the designer.  Similarly when men and women function in the church within the calling of their gender the designer is glorified.

God’s letter to us through 1 Timothy then underscores his fierce love for us.  He does not wish any of his own to be led astray.  He also desires that we walk according to his designs in the church.  This brings him glory since his redeemed ones respond to his design.

Text:  1 Timothy 1:1-2

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