Building Permanently

Jesus closes out his Sermon on the Plain by talking about a life lived well. He says that our words reflect the condition of our heart. Out of our mouths come either blessing or cursing. The heart, then, feeds the supply of words. The way Jesus leaves his saying is, we are responsible for what comes out of the mouth. Do we build up, encourage, support? Or do we tear at others, demean, or accuse? We want to think deliberately about our speech so as to reflect the grace of God.

Jesus also speaks to us about 1. coming to him and 2. hearing what he says and 3. doing what he says. To come to Jesus is to do so consciously, with an open heart, ready to receive instruction. We don’t have answers, we need him to guide us. And, when we come, we listen to what he says. This means “scheduling” time with him. Sometimes this means we get away for a half-day, a full day, or several days to a week. Why? Business is a good way to not hear him. Thirdly, once we do hear him what is the plan to obey? Are we thinking deliberately about how we systematically obey him? This means we set up infrastructure in our lives to facilitate obedience. We pursue this and leave nothing to chance.

As we walk in Jesus, which is what this closing section is about, we build a structure out of our lives which will endure eternally. We forge character, humility, godliness and good works which will stand. Why? Because Jesus stands and whatever stands with him will last.


This message comes from Luke 6:43-49.  Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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