Celebrating an Imperishable Beauty

God ordains womanhood, of which motherhood is a subset.  There is much pain in motherhood.  Yet, due to hope in God, mothers are able to soar above their difficulties and give glory to God.

As we note Peter’s instruction to women we make direct application to mothers.  First, women are able to influence their husbands through godly behavior.  A woman need not resort to manipulation and coercive arguing to influence her husband.  She speaks gracious words but her actions are her strongest argument.  Her actions are maintained by hope in God, not hope in her husband.

A godly woman does not pursue fulfillment in external appearance.  She pursues God.  Due to God being her strength, her spirit becomes calm and gentle.  This is the imperishable beauty that overwhelms a worldview based on mere externals.  Her beauty is her spirit and this is true beauty.

This is the model of Old Testament women, especially that of Sarah.  Women of faith are Sarah’s children when they do good and refrain from being fearful.

The application of these truths is profound for everyone.  For now we apply them to mothers.  May your work be powered by your hope in God.  Correction has its place but a basis of godly behavior will set a lifelong example for your children.  Pursue a gentle and quiet spirit.  Children can be shepherded best by a mother whose spirit is gentle and quiet.  From this base she is able to instruct with all patience.

Scriptures:  Genesis 3:20, 1 Peter 3:1-6

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