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Entrust the Father with your Shameless Audacity

Jesus tells us a story.  There is a catch, though.  You are in the story.  Here is your situation.  You have company come late at night and you do not have adequate provision.  It is midnight but… your only option is to go to a friend’s house and ask him for supplies.  Swallowing your pride, you go.  He tells you to go home, don’t bother me.  Ok.  What now?  You push again.  “Bro, please give me what I need.”  Based, not on your friendship but upon your impudence, he relents.
Here is the point.  When we abandon all sense of propriety and protocol in our pursuit of provision from the Father, it is ok.  Normally, disregard for social norms is not ok.  If we sacrifice this in our desperation, the Father receives it, graciously and answers our prayers.
Jesus says very plainly, ask and you receive, seek, and find, knock and it will be opened.  Our prayer lives of petition should be this simple.  Are they?  Do we live like this?  This is the norm!
Finally, in order to encourage an approach to the Father, Jesus tells us his character.  He is good.  He does not withhold, especially the good gifts.  One is specifically mentioned:  the Holy Spirit.  Do you want to know what to approach the Father about, with impudence?  Ask him for the Holy Spirit!
The Spirit is the deposit of the age to come.  He empowers us to obey, speak our minds, bear witness to the gospel, and exercise our gifts.  His filling is such that he often alarms people with his power.  Ask for this.
This message comes from Luke 11:5-13.  Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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