Flourishing in Womanhood

In 1 Timothy 2:9-15 there are three distinguishing marks of a woman who is flourishing in the Lord.  In an odd twist but perhaps not surprising twist, they directly contradict the talking points of a base world.

First, a woman who is flourishing is a woman who dresses with modesty and self-control.  She governs herself wisely by adorning herself with apparel that does not draw unnecessary attention to herself.  Her self-respect is evidenced in her respectable dress.  People do not gawk at her, she does not advertise her body as a desirable possession.

Second, a woman who is flourishing is a woman who demonstrates submission to the teaching of the gospel.  She listens quietly and respectfully all the while engaging an active mind upon gospel preaching.  She does not step outside her God given boundaries and teach men or assert herself over them.  The biblical reasons for this are rooted in the unchanging creation order:  Adam was created first and Eve was deceived.  These reasons are offensive to some but they hold the secrets of the gospel.

Third, a woman of who is flourishing is a woman who yields herself to God’s model of childbearing.  In contrast to the feminism promoted by Betty Friedman, a woman of faith does not run from motherhood.  She gladly participates in the framework God has entrusted to the woman.  Insofar as the woman participates and submits to God’s plans by faith, she will be saved.

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