“Silents, Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and Generation Y” make up the generations within the church.  Not surprisingly, each generation has a unique way of looking at the world.

In the house of God, these differing perspectives come together.  What do we do with this?

Titus 2 speaks to how each age group is to behave itself in the household of God.  Older men, Silents and Boomers, are to live out the gospel with respectability and seriousness.  Additionally, they are to be men of integrity in the practice of faith, love, and steadfastness.  They bring a gravitas to the faith and subsequently shut the mouths of scoffers.

Older women, Silents and Boomers, pay attention to the practice of their faith.  They do not engage in slander nor yield to chemical additions, especially alcohol.  They in turn teach the younger women how to work out their faith.

The younger women (Xers, Millennials, and Y) learn how to love their husbands and children.  They manage the home, practice kindness, and submission to their husbands.  Sound controversial?  Paul notes that the word of God is not reviled when they walk out the gospel in this way.  When women come out from under their God-assigned role in his household, the enemy has occasion to accuse and provoke.

Finally, the younger men (Xers, Millennials, and Y) have one assignment:  self-control.  Yes.  That is correct.  Impulsive behavior, passionate speeches, and bodily urges need to be reined in by the Holy Spirit.  The jails are full of young men who do not know how to live.  Nobody has taught them.  At the center of it all is self-control.

These instructions do not constitute a list of “do” “do not” commands.  They literally describe the life of those who follow Jesus.  This behavior is what is called for in the house of God.  Properly rendered, the Father is glorified by his children.

This message comes from Titus 2:1-6.  Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.