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Jesus Calls People to Himself

Jesus is walking when he comes upon a tax collector sitting at his desk.  After sizing him up, Jesus says “Follow me.”  The man, named Levi, gets up and follows.  From this point on he is a disciple of Jesus.  Here we see the authority of Jesus being exercised in his management of the human soul.
We all desire significance.  This is demonstrated in our pursuit of things and people, often to our own hurt.  Only Jesus can give what we truly want which is significance.  He is God come in flesh and when God invites us into relationship, then and only then do we find what we are looking for.  In this we see Jesus’ authority over your soul.  When he calls, we answer.  This is the deepest most important and most meaningful interaction we will ever have.  Enjoy him.
We also see Jesus moving Levi into mission.  It is not enough to have a relationship with Jesus.  That relationship, necessarily, leads to mission.  Immediately Levi invites his friends for a big banquet.  Here they come and they get to meet Jesus.  The Pharisees protest a little at the nature of this meeting.  Fellowshiping with “Muslims” and “Atheists” doesn’t seem to be a productive exercise.  Where would this go, anyway?  Jesus defends his actions and by default those of his followers by his reply.  I’ve come to see the sick, not the righteous.
In hearing Jesus’ call, and responding, we are satisfied and equipped to enjoy him.  In enjoying him, we join him in his work which is the people who are without him.
This message comes from Luke 5:27-32.  Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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