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Jesus Can Heal You

A leper came to Jesus and asked for help.  A leper?  Most of what we know about leprosy comes from the Bible.  The leper didn’t have much going for him because the disease was eating away at his flesh.  His countenance was grotesque and his outer extremities would eventually fall off.  Additionally, he was a social outcast.  He didn’t fit in and wasn’t allowed to fit in.  Protocol was for the leper to necessarily live away from “normal” people.
The man had heard about Jesus and we can detect a sliver of hope in him.  Maybe, just maybe there was a way out of his predicament.  Maybe, this man Jesus could help.
He approaches Jesus, throws himself down on his face, and appeals to him for help.  He is convinced that Jesus ‘can’ save him but he isn’t sure Jesus ‘wants’ to save him.  That is why he says, “Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.”  He is conceding that his only hope is in Jesus ‘wanting’ to possibly cleanse him!
Reaching out to touch the untouchable, Jesus says, “I will, be clean.”  With that one gesture the leper was set free!  What a joyful encounter and how happy he was as he went to the temple to prove his cleanness.
So what is Jesus saying to you this morning by this interaction?  He is saying, I can heal if I wish.  I care about people who are down and out.  I can do something about it but solutions come through me!  We want to interact with him as someone who heals.  His healing power extends from the spiritual to the physical to the emotional.  Would you admit your non-health and ask him for help?  Are you afraid, do you feel shame?  He cannot help you unless you actually admit your problem and ask him to help.  Appeal to his will.  We have healing in the atonement but it is our Lord’s will that is THE additional factor in healing.
This message comes from Luke 5:12-16.  Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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