Living Missionally

Paul continues his mentoring of his son Timothy. As he does we listen in and also hear from the Lord as to how we go about living missionally.

Strengthen yourself in the grace of Christ Jesus. Moral and spiritual weakness is not a virtue. In order to accomplish your God assigned work you will need the grace that only Christ can give. Obtain it and be strong.

Focus on your mission and strategize appropriately. Timothy was to make disciples who could make disciples. He was to do that by pouring into men who were faithful and able to teach other men. What mission or assignment has God given to you? Do you know it? Are you aware of how you must complete it, what is your strategy for being obedient?

Expect opposition. Suffering is part of being a Christian. The world hated Christ first, it is a foregone conclusion that it will hate you. Share in the suffering and do not think yourself odd or some special case. Expect the opposition and persevere in spite of it.

Stay on course. A soldier can’t get involved in civilian pursuits. Similarly we limit ourselves to mission, declining “legal” but unhelpful activities and pursuits. An athlete only wins if he competes according to the rules. So we honor God in our methodologies. We do not take short cuts nor do we engage in carnal self-seeking quick-fix remedies to our missions. Then we enjoy the rewards of our labor just as the farmer enjoys the proceeds of his crop.

Finally, think through these things. Get your strength from Christ and stay on mission. Assess your station in life and before God complete your work with satisfaction. Do not drift. Do not look to others for hope. Look to Christ and stay focused until you are finished with your work on earth.

The text for this passage comes from 2 Timothy 2:1-7.   Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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