Living Simply

The early church lived simply.  They celebrated the apostle’s doctrine, enjoyed fellowship, ate together, and prayed together.  The apostle’s doctrine can be drawn in simplified form from Peter’s sermon in the earlier part of the chapter.  It consists in four points:  the Spirit is poured out now; God raised Jesus from the dead, Jesus now rules over all, and everyone should repent of their sins and receive forgiveness.  The confession of Jesus’ lordship carries the core of that doctrine.

Believing these things produces different living.  Jesus is all that matters!  He matters so much that one’s own possessions do not.  The early church shared their belongings as was needed.  They had things in common because they cared about one another.  They were in each other’s homes, daily sharing their meals together.  Whenever they got together they prayed.  That is it.

For us, we need not immediately rush to explaining why such a lifestyle doesn’t fit today.  What we do is meditate on the values they embraced and the community they enjoyed.  Perhaps we do need to make some changes.  May we all study our own lives and weed out those things that block joy, fellowship, and behavioral affirmation of Jesus’ Lordship.

Passage:  Acts 2:42-47

Preached:  March 10, 2012

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