Loving Words to a Servant of God

The call of Jeremiah is a loving one.  God tells Jeremiah he knew him before he was conceived.  He consecrated him before he was born.  It was God’s plan to appoint Jeremiah as a prophet.  God’s love and plans for Jeremiah existed before Jeremiah did.

Jeremiah, however, did not receive God’s call.  He referenced youth and inability to speak as causes for not being a prophet.

God kindly overruled the young prophet.  God pointed out fear as the basis for Jeremiah’s resistance.  Then he reminds Jeremiah of his sovereignty and enabled him to accomplish his task.

There are several things here for the believer.  God calls us not we ourselves.  This simply means that God does the heavy lifting, not us.  When we believe this then we close the door to fear.  Fear can only enter in when we doubt God’s ability to manage a situation.  When we slip this way we inadvertently take control of the situation and rightly begin to fear.  God is sovereign.  We needn’t fall prey to paying too much attention to secondary matters.  When we do we lose our way.  Lastly, God enables his people to do the work he assigns.  This is true of the man at work, the woman at home, and the young person growing up at home.  May we rest in God’s sovereignty and save ourselves from fear and anxiety.

Jeremiah 1:4-10

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