Marvel at His Work

Paul writes endearingly to his son in the faith. He wants to come and see him face to face. In the interim, he writes his first letter (1 Timothy). He is writing so that people might know how they are to behave in the household of God.

The household of God is the church! Those who identify with Christ are members of God’s house. This means they are under his protection and privilege. We relate to one another as brothers and sisters and to God as Father, to Christ as head. This relationship to God stands in stark contrast to the world, who relates to Satan and is without a house.

As members of God’s household we sing the good news of the glorious gospel. Verse 16 is a song. It is a hymn sung by the early church extolling the marvelous work of Christ. He came to us in the flesh, was vindicated by the Spirit, and his ascension was witnessed by the angelic hosts. We may well join the angels in rejoicing at the Son’s finished work.

Jesus was preached unto the nations. The elect of the nations responded to the glorious gospel and believed! The final line speaks of Jesus being received up into glory, mirroring his being seen by angels.

This is the gospel. Jesus came, died, and went back home. He has left his church who is now proclaiming him to the nations still. May I suggest several correct responses to this exhilarating song?

First, believe the gospel afresh. Dismiss from your mind the cares of this world and believe in the simple gospel. Secondly, Rejoice at being counted among the household of God. Not all are so counted. But you are. Thirdly, boldly sing the gospel to the heavenlies! Shout your praise out to God for his wonderful works.

The passage is 1 Timothy 3:14-16.  Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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