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No Condemnation

When Adam and Eve sinned they brought condemnation upon themselves, and all their descendants.  This sense of condemnation is evidenced in our feelings of loneliness, fear, anxiety, instability, and the general sense that something is fundamentally wrong.  We can ignore these feelings, get distracted from them, argue them away but they cannot be ignored.  They are real.
For those who are not Christians, this sense of condemnation is true, not false.  Jesus said that condemnation rests upon all who do not believe on the Son of God.  For those who do believe, there is no condemnation, whatsoever.
So, if you are a believer how do we explain feelings of condemnation:  depression, fear, loneliness, and anxiety?  It has to do with a lack of understanding and a lack of belief.  God has declared believers free from condemnation.  It does not matter if others condemn us, God accepts us so we needn’t yield to the opinions and projections of others.  Sometimes such projections come from a desire to control and manipulate.  Believers also can condemn themselves.  Such condemnation might be believed to serve as a motivator to greater holiness and godliness.
We are free and if God declares us accepted in the beloved then we need to live like it.  Living free and happy in Christ glorifies the Father and aligns us properly with him.
This message comes from Romans 8:1.  Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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