Put off Judging and Put on Grace

Have you ever said to someone, “Don’t judge me?”  Has anyone ever said to you, “Don’t judge me?”  This is one of the more commonly known references to Jesus’ message in Matt. 5 and Luke 6.  If we are honest, we sometimes use this to get people off our backs, particularly when they are pointing out a sin in our lives.

In context, to judge or condemn someone is to sentence another or to put another person in a box.  It has to do with having a harsh and critical spirit.  We have various motives for doing this, none of which is pure.  Jesus says to not judge another because the manner in which we judge will determine how we are judged.  Don’t judge!  God will take care of the judging.  Of course, we speak here of being harsh and critical of others’ personhood, not being candid in our assessment of foolishness and sin itself.

Be gracious!  Let’s be a people who are giving to others.  We have received forgiveness for free so we need to give it away.  Being giving means we are liberal in the favor, grace, encouragement, exhortation, and praise we give to others.  There is no harm in this.  Nothing of our spiritual standing before God is hindered by giving.  To the contrary, we will reap all the more richly if we give richly!

Finally, Jesus warns against pointing out others’ sins when we ourselves are under the control of a sin.  Concern yourself with applying the gospel to yourself!  Get yourself in a healthy place and then you can lead others.  But if you are not in a healthy place then do not presume to lead others because they will reject you outright.  Concern yourself with being a disciple of Jesus.  Then things will fall into place.

This message comes from Luke 6:37-42.  Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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