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Relating Properly to Believers, Especially Widows

It is easy to fellowship strictly with one’s own age group. It is easy to attend services which emphasize our preferences. However, the body of Christ is a family containing all age groups of both men and women. We are to relate lovingly and respectfully to all these groups. We render honor to the elderly, we render brotherly love to the young.

Being a family, the church takes care of widows that fit a certain criteria. She must be at least 60, not have any family to care for her, and she is devoted to the good of the church. If a widow fits this criteria then she is to be enrolled or financially provided for by the church.

There are some widows who need not look to the church for help. Widows who have children need to turn to them for assistance. In this way children make a return for the care they once received from their mothers. This is honoring to God since it is godly behavior and it fulfills the 5th commandment.

If there are widows who are below 60 they should marry. The reason for this is they are less likely to keep their commitment to the church as a supported widow. They break their pledge and want to get married. Furthermore, they run from house to house causing disarray and discontent with their gossip and meddling. Better that they marry and give the enemy no occasion for slander.

In conclusion, God is telling us, the church several things. First, relate lovingly and respectfully to every age group in the church. Don’t cloister yourself and hang out with your own exclusively. Second, adult children must take the responsibility of taking care of your parents. Third, the church must take the responsibility of providing for widows who have no families and who fit the criteria.

This passage is taken from 1 Timothy 5:1-16.  Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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