Single and Happy

Being single has its challenges. There are very specific imaginations that come against the single person and here are a few.

1. To not enjoy sex is to miss out on being human.
2. To not be married is to miss out on fulfillment.
3. Being single denotes some intrinsic defect.
4. Being single is preferable since one doesn’t have to bother with others.

All of these thoughts/beliefs fall short of God’s mind. They rob believers of true fulfillment which can only be found in communion with Christ. What we will detail below is a clear download of God’s mind for the single person.

First, God promises himself to those who are single. In Isaiah 56 God redirects the desires of the single person to himself. He promises acclaim and honor to those who will trust him in singleness.

As we come to the NT we see even more evidence of a better way of thinking for the single. Second, in the kingdom of God, family consists of other believers. Tribalism and advancement of the family name are not goals in the kingdom. Brothers and sisters are the people who share the same faith. Therefore, the single person already has family. Third, the kingdom grows by conversion not children. This might be difficult news for someone wanting to win the culture war with more kids. The emphasis in Jesus’ kingdom is not biological relationships, rather, kingdom relationships. Fourth, marriage is confined to this world alone. Marriage will not be an institution in the next age, therefore, it is not essential to one’s faith and life in this age. Fifth, we are all exhorted to be content with our present status in light of the kingdom of heaven. Paul exhorts us in 1 Corinthians 7 to be “ok” with where we are. The reason for this is the “present distress” which is the kingdom. We are to be on alert, eager to advance Christ’s mission.

As we can see from this biblical thinking above, being single in the kingdom of heaven is more than normal, it is actually advantageous. Jesus is the king and we all relate to him directly. As such, he is all the single person needs, he is all the married person needs. When any person, single or married, desires something else in order to be “ok” we are drifting into idolatry. Our king is sufficient. It is truly Jesus plus nothing. Singles are to take advantage of their mobility and serve Jesus with clarity of purpose and mind. Naturally this does not mean there will not be sexual temptation and desires to be married. These are natural and normal desires and may be satisfied as the Lord directs. However, to latch on to these things for hope and meaning is to miss the sweetness of Jesus’ present love for his people. May the single believe in the King and be happy.

The following passage are used for this message: Isa. 56:1-5, Matt. 12:46-50, 22:23-33, 1 Cor. 7:25-26.

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