The Holy Spirit: Advocate and Judge

Our Lord gifts his people with the Holy Spirit.  We may not see it so.  The reason for this is the absence of Christ.  In our ignorance we prefer him over the Spirit.  However, we do not understand that it is our advantage that Jesus seeks.  The Holy Spirit ministers in ways Jesus does not, that is why Jesus has to leave.

The Spirit is our Helper.  To us he is like an advocate in the courtroom.  When we grow weary in our faith, he gives assurance of our sonship.  When we do not understand our own aches and pains, he translates our unspoken aches to the Lord in deep groanings of intercession.  When we need guidance and assistance with life decisions, he helps.  When we need strength for the journey ahead, he is our strength.

To the unbeliever the Spirit is a judge.  The Spirit smites the unbeliever with recognition of his sin.  The Spirit convicts him of the perfect standard.  The standard which Jesus brings is perfect as indicated by the Father receiving him back.  Finally, the Spirit convicts the world of judgment.  The ruler of this world is judged and so are all his children.  This judgment is in effect right now.

We have several implications from these things.  First, may we rest in the exit of Jesus.  It is literally best for us that we not have him here now.  The present construct is for our best so we needn’t strive against it.  Second, love the Holy Spirit for he advocates for you.  Be secure in his work and his person.  Lastly, allow the Spirit to convict the world.  We do not need to take this upon ourselves.  And, as in all things, may we simply cooperate with the ministry of the Spirit and not against it.

Passage:  John 16:5-11

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