The Holy Spirit- His Work to Us

The Holy Spirit works!  He doesn’t merely reside, he works.  We want to press into what he does specifically, in the life of a believer.

You may not remember when you were a little child.  However, others do.  Others changed you, fed you, clothed you, and provided shelter and you didn’t even know it.  Similarly, the Holy Spirit lovingly worked for you when you were converted and you didn’t even know it!

Here is what he did.  He regenerated you.  That means he made you become alive.  Now you can talk to God, think spiritually, exercise faith, and glorify God!  Before you were made alive spiritually you could not do any of these things.

He indwells you.  The very person of God indwells the believer.  He comforts you, teaches you, and guides you into all truth.  This mighty advocate of ours is our primary resource for life.  Talk to him!  Ask him questions about life, where you are to go.  We do not believe in fatalism.  The Spirit has specific counsel for you so listen to him.

You were baptized in him.  This happened upon salvation.  The Spirit now empowers you to overcome unbelief, habitual sin, and every imagination that raises itself against you.  This baptism results in spiritual power but it also accomplishes sanctification.  We are holy by position!  Therefore, act like you are.

Finally, he seals you.  His presence is the sweet promise of greater things to come.  Now we enjoy him.  However, then we will have all of God.  To us, the Spirit is a down payment of more to come.  May we rejoice at the riches we possess right now but also at the riches to come.  May this truth result in joyous and rich living.

Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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