The Lord's Prayer - Sermon - David Yoder

The Lord’s Prayer


The Lord’s Prayer.

The Lord’s Prayer is that common prayer taught by Jesus to his followers which all of us know.  The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray as John taught his disciples to pray.  What followed is the loveliest prayer for the child of God.

Luke’s recording of the Lord’s Prayer does differ from Matthew’s gospel.  Luke’s prayer is shorter.  The first three phrases pertain to the Father and our relationship to him.  The second three phrases pertain to our relationships with the world.

We begin with an address of “Father”.  Father is a familiar term.  It denotes both recognition of his authority but also of his goodness and provision.  The Father is always safe.  He doesn’t strike out in anger…ever.  Our “Dad” is in charge of the universe and this gives us security as we approach him.

We desire and pray for his name to be set apart.  He is different from the created order insofar as he is perfect and flawless.  We desire his kingdom to expand and we desire to yield to it.

When his kingdom comes it comes with peace, it comes with order.  Chaos and disruption are banished and in their place comes freedom and peace.  But…that kingdom cannot come unless we consciously yield to it.  This takes a deliberate standing down of our passions and desires.

We see his provision in the supply of the daily bread.  He gives us what we need to live today.  This includes food and finances to meet our obligations.  If we are lacking in either, then let’s approach our Father and ask for what we need.

We also want our relationships with others to be upright.  To sin against someone, slander them, deride them, betray, steal, or break trust in any way is to incur debt against that person.  We need the Father’s forgiveness in these things if we are to walk in his ways.  Likewise, we agree with the Father’s forgiveness by extending that same forgiveness to others when they sin against us.  This makes for upright relationships in the kingdom.

Finally, we ask that the Lord not lead us into temptation.  We need his protection from the evil that assails us.  We need his spiritual lest we be swept away in a tide of sin.  We are vulnerable.  We are fragile and susceptible to sin.  We need his help.

In all of this, we have a healthy upright relationship with the Father and with the world around us.  The Father is our provider and our sustainer.  This prayer is a humble expression of our faith and trust in him.

This message comes from Luke 11:1-4. Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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