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To the Church at Sardis

The fifth church Jesus addresses, of the seven, is Sardis.  This one is different.  Jesus’ tone is different.  It is different because Jesus doesn’t commend them for anything, as in, anything.
Their problem is two-fold.  One, they have a reputation on which they rely.  Rather than focusing on actual health, they look to others’ opinions to determine their standing before God.  Two, their works are not complete.  Rather than focusing on their mission, they more or less walked away.  The end result is death.  They are dying by apathy and neglect.  It is a sad state.
The counsel Jesus gives to this church is simple.  Wake up and get after it.  They are to repent of their disobedience, pick up the pieces, and resume their mission.  If they do not, he will come upon them suddenly and deal with them decisively.
Yet, there are a few that haven’t gone along with the flow!  They are still pure!  It is not a foregone conclusion that everyone gets sucked up in the dysfunction.  Some have kept themselves white and this brings our Lord great pleasure.
To those who hear and respond to his words, Jesus promises white garments, eternal life, and fame in heaven.
This message comes from Revelation 3:1-6.  Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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