Work and Contentment

Do good work. Respect your boss. Why? This gives glory to God. When we disrespect our boss and do poor work we defile the Lord’s name and the gospel. There is nothing as pathetic as a professing Christian who is lousy in his labors. Paul’s concern here is that believers adorn the doctrine of God by their sweet labors.

Let’s take a quick detour now. In Paul’s historical context he is concerned that slaves obey their masters. It might disturb us that he does not issue an Emancipation Proclamation. Why not? Paul is not a civil magistrate, he is an apostle. He is most concerned with applying the gospel to everyday life.

God does forbid theft of people which is where slavery usually begins. He also forbids rude and abrasive behavior between masters and slaves. Within these perimeters slavery is virtually extinguished.

We come now to a second section in this passage. Avoid self-serving people. Some people are rebellious, proud, love arguing, and abuse the gospel. These people never edify others, rather, they constantly promote themselves. They are dangerous and must be avoided.

We avoid such people but let us also be discerning and note such tendencies when they crop up within ourselves. If we find ourselves talking and arguing, wanting to get our way then there are some things we can do to stamp out these propensities. Serve quietly and don’t talk. Serve behind the scenes, do things without others knowing. Then, don’t talk about it. These are two good ways to fight those tendencies within us to want to be in control.

This text for this message comes from 1 Timothy 6:1-10.  Want to listen? Here’s the online sermon archive.

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