Walmart Coke ad Stock Up on Joy Family On Mission

How is today’s family culture shown in this advertisement?

Watch and see how this award-winning Walmart commercial from 2008 captures the essence of the family in our culture today. Join us Sunday morning at 9:30am as we consider what it means to be a Family On Mission these days.

Wal-mart/Coke Commercial (Stock Up on Joy):


The holidays are here again
So I’m inviting all my friends
The people who are close to me
They’re my extended family

You’ve got my mom, my sis, my brother
My surprisingly cool stepmother
And the two kids that she had
Before she ever met my dad

Next you’ve got my aunts and cousins
They showed up with several dozen
friends of theirs, It’s fine with me;
I’ve got enough for all

Here in the hall you’ve got my office mates
My best friend and his online date
They’ve all come here to celebrate
This is my family!

My judo coach, my allergist
My MySpace friends and Twitter list
And the first girl that I ever kissed
You’re beautiful, I love you

‘Cause there’s one truth
I’ve found And it’s never let me down:
When you stock up on joy,
there’s enough to go ‘round

Singing: Joy! Enough to go ‘round
enough to go ‘round and around
and around and around.


Walmart Coke ad Stock Up on Joy Family On Mission

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