Following Jesus Into This Present Age

We begin today on a shorter sermon series on “Practicing Faith in Williamson County.”  The point here is to be intentional and knowledgeable about how we work out our faith in this present context.  That may take some cultural and sociological work.  That is, in order to love the people you live with, you need to know them.  In order to know them, take time to learn what is important and valuable.  Spend time with your people.  Love your city, work for its welfare.

We need help to do that.

Here then is the good news.  Christians have the “grace of God” at work in them.  They are equipped to penetrate the present age with power.  To this end…they can say “yes” and they can say “no” to dysfunction of any kind.

This grace enables us to live in this present age, even a postmodern age.

Part of living in this present age “epoch” is knowing what that age is.  For instance, postmodernism is suspicious of institutional authority, averse to propositional truth, and reticent to commit.  However, postmodernists are more likely to value authentic relationships, pursue justice, and appreciate grass roots initiatives.

The Kingdom of Jesus moves into the present age and works.  It does not resent the new age, castigate it, or shun it.  As Ed Stetzer notes, “It is common practice for the church to oppose cultural change rather than to change its methods to reach a new culture.”  For this reason, believers can easily resent postmodernism while simultaneously and inadvertently, not see that their thinking/reasoning may well be rooted in a modernist age or another baseline worldview.

Add to this mix, Williamson County TN.  Williamson County is the 7th wealthiest county in the nation and is presently experiencing phenomenal population growth.  People are coming here for three reason:  jobs, education, and quality of life.  This is where we live.

So, the people are coming here and they are projected to continue coming.  What does this mean?  The Lord is in this.  Creativity, talent, and assets are coming in the form of people.  This is something to love.  For Jesus people, it is critical that we not become mere consumers or that we simply isolate.  We want to get to work and represent the king rightly.


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