Foster Care in Williamson County TN

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November is Orphan Awareness Month.  As a church, we paused on November 8 to highlight the needs of orphans and bring awareness to the need we have.  The Department of Children’s Services in Williamson County also came and shared with us what is going on inside the foster care system.

Before we get into what they said, I’d like to give some statistics on Williamson County which might be of interest. The stats all come from 2014 so they may have changed a little in one year but not much. Here they are.

  • Median Household Income:  $93,337
  • Over 50% of the residents have Bachelors or Graduate degrees
  • Unemployment is at 2.9%
  • There are 71,407 households

The statistics above indicate what is commonly known, Williamson County is one of the wealthiest counties in our nation. We are currently ranked 16th wealthiest in 2015.  Additionally, our county is the healthiest and the most educated county in TN.

So, it was with utter incredulity that I heard DCS worker, Robin Sloan say there are only three homes in Williamson County that are qualified to take in a foster child aged 12-18.  I was a little surprised, is this true?

I’m not sure what all of that means. For Williamson County residents, we know there are many churches here, hundreds. I would think between the churches, we could take care of this dilemma. There is probably an information gap, people do not know where the need is.  Additionally, just because someone makes $93,000 doesn’t mean he/she has a lot of time to devote to other things.  All that said, the stats are still perplexing and I’m not sure we come out looking so good.

We want to take ownership of our city and county, do what we can to apply the gospel to every situation, including serving the disadvantaged.  As believers, we needn’t devote ourselves to judging, pontificating, and speculating about solutions.  We put our hands to the work and do what we can, trusting that God will receive that work and make much of it.

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