God Blesses the Wise and Confounds the Foolish

The message comes from Matthew 2:1-12.
This passage is about the visit of the Magi and the schemes of a devious King, Herod.  The wise men, not knowing Herod’s true character, interact with him and believe him to be as sincere as they are.  This is not the case.  Herod’s desire was to kill Christ so as to solidify his own hold on the throne.  The wise men find Christ and fall down before him in worship.  Herod does the opposite and tries to have him killed.  In the end, Christ survives to become King and Herod comes to an ignoble end.  While history reveals Herod to be evil, God has extinguished his line, his people, and his “great” name.
What do we take away from this story?
  • God is pleased to use the least and the lowly.
    • We see this in several things.  First, the Gentile wise men discern the true nature of Christ’s birth.  They were outsiders and yet they knew!
    • Second, this little town of Bethlehem is the birthplace of the King of the universe, who would ever choose such a town?
    • Lastly, of all people, the peasants Mary and Joseph are chosen to be his parents.
      • This influences our souls mightily.  It gives us pause.  If God is using such instruments to accomplish his will then we may slow down because he will work in ways that confound us too!
      • It causes us to keep an open mind.  We would never choose the least and the lowly, we choose the healthy, the strong, and the blessed.  But God works in mysterious ways and therefore let’s give him the room he needs to work in our lives too.
      • We also pay attention to the least and the lowly.  God delights in using humble instruments so let’s be attentive to such persons and scenarios.
  • God will resist the proud and give grace to the humble.
    • God utterly crushed Herod.  Herod’s plans all came to nothing.  His descendants were foul men.  History reveals it all.  The temple he built was destroyed 70 years later.  Nobody cares for this man.  God truly crushed him.
    • On the other hand, God exalted the wise men.  We really don’t know their names but they are part of this story because they knew the King was here.
      • The take away here is simple.  Let’s so position ourselves to receive grace from God.  This translates into a yielded heart, an attentive posture that can receive correction and instruction.  It is much better to receive grace then to fight him in our pride.
      • Should we be entertaining pride in our hearts lets repent of that and cleanse ourselves.  There is no way anyone will ever fight God and prevail.
  • The worship of Christ is the end to which we were all created.
    • The wise men came a long way, probably from Babylon.  They searched for a long time, a trip like this is no small undertaking.
    • When they finally found him they fell down and worshipped!  Mission complete.
    • The worship of Christ is the end to which we were created.  Let’s continue putting him where he belongs as rightful King of our hearts and lives.

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